01coin Project Update - August 13, 2018

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This is a new feature in the 01coin project, and we welcome your feedback to help us improve it going forward. Once every two weeks, we will provide an update on what has been going on in terms of both community and development within the project. All of the zocteam’s activity is available to follow in realtime on our Trello board, however we understand that not everyone has either the time or inclination to follow that, hence this new biweekly update feature. Call it an Anthology of Activity, if you wish.

Community Updates

  • Published v0.1 of the official 01coin Project Roadmap
  • Opened new official 01coin accounts on Reddit, Medium and Steemit (awaiting approval on the Steemit account)
  • Launched a new biweekly update feature (i.e., this thing)
  • Co-marketing effort alongside 01VPS.net, targeting the Aevo, Alqo, Dextro and Zealium communities
  • Officially earned a removal from the Stake & Nodes JAM List (“ JAMs are cryptos with a masternode option that upon evaluation have shown to have no utility or purpose beyond the masternode function.”)
  • 01coin added as one of the first new coins on Zealium’s dice-age online gambling game
  • Applied for, voted on, and was added to the mntop.co.in masternode monitoring service that offers an email-based node down status alert system
  • Applied for listing on coinmarketcap
  • Introduced 01VPS.net voting to multiple new communities (e.g., CHEESE, LuckyBit, etc.)
  • Launched community content creation competition (4C) for “How to Register on Graviex and Start Trading ZOC” — NB: The prize for creating ‘acceptable’ YouTube content is one masternode
  • Welcomed community members Piactif and Keith as the newest members of the 01coin Chain of Trust

01coin’s mntop.co.in listing

Wallet and Core Development

  • 01coin’s core code being merged with the most recently released Bitcoin and Dash code
  • New wallet styling including 01coin logo and colour scheme completed
  • New 01coin Release Candidate currently under evaluation on testnet
  • Discussed BIPs & DIPs for potential implementation in next wallet release
  • Launched testnet yiimp pool to evaluate block generation of new wallet since setgenerate RPC command has been disabled
  • Setup daily blockchain bootstrap cron job posted to public GitHub

A sneak peek of what the next 01coin wallet might look like

Ancillary Services Development

  • Started development of first draft of full 01coin.io website based on Jesson’s initial design
  • Fixed some bugs for Discord bot
  • Adjusted masternode install script to check for pre-existing installation instances

01VPS.net Updates

  • Added a new, more interactive landing page for 01VPS.net
  • Updated voting page with new, more brand-consistent design provided by Splendid
  • Updated ZOC payment gateway to handle payments better when ZOC price changes suddenly
  • Submitted bug reports found by 01VPS.net users to software developer (WHMCS)
  • Added new one-click auto masternode setup recipes for 01coin, Alqo, Digiwage, Zealium, Ohmcoin, FantasyGold, Alphanode, Aevo and Dextro
  • New recipes will be added at a rate of 2 per week provided the projects reach the minimum voting threshold of 1000 ZOC
  • Created a daily bootstrap script for all supported coin recipes to speed up the installation process

01VPS.net’s sexy new landing page

Last updated on 16th Jan 2021