Project Roadmap v0.2

Table of Contents

By: deadthings Date: November 2, 2018

Phase 0

Development of the most representative form of community governance in crypto

Q1 2018

  1. Publish Takeover Proposal and invite Community to join - Completed

Q2 2018

  1. Establish community relations with pools and exchange - Completed
  2. Establish social media presence - Completed
  3. Launch a testnet – Completed
  4. Release new community-takeover wallet that disables the premine – Completed
  5. Release up-to-date masternode setup script and guide – Completed
  6. ~~Choose and reserve a URL for future website ( – Completed ~~
  7. Rebrand the project with new logo art – Completed
  8. Re-Announce the project on Bitcointalk – Completed
  9. Update listings on, and – Completed
  10. Launch a placeholder website for – Completed
  11. Establish multisig wallets for community development donations – Completed
  12. Release Discord bot to improve ZOC community experience – Completed
  13. Find a new exchange listing opportunity (CryptalDash) – Completed
  14. ~~Begin community governance process by launching Chain of Trust – Completed ~~
  15. Release affiliated hosting service, including auto 01coin masternode deployment – Completed

Q3 2018

  1. Add auto masternode deployment for additional coins to affiliated service – Completed
  2. Find at least one more exchange listing opportunity (Bisq, Ubit) – Completed
  3. Release official project roadmap, v0.1 – Completed
  4. Release market enhancement feature to improve ZOC trading experience on Graviex – In Progress
  5. Launch voting process for adding new coins to affiliated service – Completed
  6. Update masternode setup guide – Completed
  7. Release new wallet with modern codebase and reskinned branding – Completed
  8. Softfork for adding BIP features to 01coin at block 120000 - Completed
  9. Add features to Discord bot to improve her utility – Completed
  10. Launch an alternative block explorer using a different platform – Completed
  11. Find another masternode monitoring service that offers status alerts – Completed
  12. Apply for new masternode and market cap listing services – Completed
  13. Create a menu-based tool for easy node management on Linux – Completed
  14. Release masternode network explorer service – Completed
  15. Begin releasing biweekly project updates – Completed

Q4 2018

  1. Update official project roadmap, v0.2 (i.e., this document) – Completed
  2. Launch the full website for – In Progress
  3. Release official project whitepaper – In Progress
  4. Create mining pool recommendation portal – In Progress
  5. Add one more higher-volume exchange listing opportunity (Crex24) - Completed
  6. Apply for listing on CoinMarketCap
  7. Release market enhancement feature to improve ZOC trading experience on Crex24 and CryptalDash
  8. Launch affiliated shared masternode/staking pool hosting service – In Progress
  9. “Free” intra-community marketing and promotional campaigns – In Progress
  10. Improve social media presence, particularly with YouTube content – In Progress
  11. Add features to Discord bot to improve her utility – In Progress
  12. External marketing campaign in support of affiliated service
  13. Release paper wallet – Completed

Phase 1

Community-driven project use cases, marketing and value-added services

Q1 2019

  1. Update official project roadmap, v0.3
  2. Setup a mail server for zocteam members
  3. Release new wallet with fully-integrated custom governance system and superblock generation
  4. Release web & mobile wallets
  5. Release Raspberry Pi wallet
  6. Add translations for website
  7. Begin use-case development through community governance
  8. Implement process for development proposal submissions
  9. Implement process for proposal nominations
  10. Implement process for network voting
  11. “Paid” extra-community marketing and promotional campaigns
Last updated on 16th Jan 2021