01coin Project Update - August 27, 2018

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Welcome to the second instalment of 01coin's Anthology of Activity - our biweekly project update. Over the past two weeks we have been heavily focused on completing the new wallet, which - as you know - is scheduled for release on August 30. We will go into detail on that upon its release, but suffice to say it is a complete overhaul of the 01coin codebase. Without further ado, here's a sample of what we've been working on over the past two weeks.

Community Updates

  • Applied for a listing on coinmarketcap, but were denied. The reason provided for the denial was as follows:

    "Please understand that due to the volume of daily requests that we receive, our content team must adhere to a strict set of criteria while deciding which new coins/tokens will be added. Our content team evaluates many factors but pays close attention to the market pairs on supported exchanges, the sources of the volume, project/product development, and community engagement. Please feel free to re-apply when you think there has been more development in those areas."

  • Corresponded with CryptalDash about 01coin integration and now have a firm timeline, with deployment scheduled for September 21. Details are as follows:

Timeline for 01coin integration into CryptalDash

  • Co-marketing effort alongside 01VPS.net, targeting the Crave, LuckyBit, GossipCoin, Rapture, Bitcoin Incognito and Sparks Coin communities
  • Provided some market-making support for the Bisq offer book; 01coin remains consistently in the Top 5 coins on Bisq in terms of open offers
  • Continued to run the community content creation competition (4C) for "How to Register on Graviex and Start Trading ZOC" - NB: The prize for creating 'acceptable' YouTube content is one masternode
  • Made significant progress on the Project Whitepaper. Only one section left to write now; first draft will be completed by September 7
  • Started coordinating with exchanges, pools and shared masternode providers in preparation of August 30 wallet release

Bisq offer list

Wallet and Core Development

  • Continued work to merge 01coin's core code with the most recently released Bitcoin and Dash code
  • After much consideration, decided to implement BIP34, BIP65 and BIP66 (NB: "BIP" = "Bitcoin Improvement Proposal"), which will be implemented in 01coin with a soft fork scheduled to occur at Block 120000
  • Decided to postpone DIP integration (NB: "DIP" = "Dash Improvement Proposal"), as it is mainly about scaling, which is not yet an issue for the 01coin blockchain
  • Discussed the pros and cons of sporks and the potential featureset that would require sporks activation; created a new set of sporks privkeys and discussed a solution for securely housing them
  • Continued testing new 01coin Release Candidate on testnet
  • Launched dozens of new testnet nodes to facilitate exhaustive testing of all features
  • Successfully passed a softfork on the testnet chain for BIP34, BIP65 and BIP66 integration and tested BIP functionality
  • Moved Release Candidate evaluation from testnet to mainnet to test features amid potentially unknown environmental variables
  • Confirmed functionality of Release Candidate's multisig implementation
  • Fixed some build errors and created pre-compiled binaries for testing
  • Started working on a Raspberry Pi build process
  • Continued to operate the daily blockchain bootstrap cron job posted to public GitHub

Ancillary Services Development

  • Continued development of first draft of full 01coin.io website based on Jesson's initial design
  • Once first draft of website has been completed, will invite development participation from other Chain of Trust members, including Piactif
  • Created a script to test for optimal mining pool based on stratum ping times to user's location from a browser for eventual integration into the website

01VPS.net Updates

  • Added new one-click auto masternode setup recipes for Crave, LuckyBit and GossipCoin
  • Improved ZOC payment script to work better
  • Improved database entry for recipe completion emails so users can see a copy from within their client area
  • Started working on updated 01coin recipe and update in preparation of new wallet release
  • Renewed the UK server lease after a brief hiccup and set renewal reminders for all servers in the system

And that's a wrap for this update. Remember that the new wallet is coming out August 30 and it is a mandatory update for all VPS and local wallets. Thanks for reading, and check back September 10 for the next 01coin Project Update. If you can't stomach waiting that long for your 01coin fix, you can always follow our progress on our Trello board.

Last updated on 16th Jan 2021