01coin Project Update - September 10, 2018

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Welcome once again to 01coin's Anthology of Activity - our biweekly project update. Obviously, the big news over the past two weeks was our new wallet release, 01coin v0.12.3.2 on August 30. Don't forget this was a mandatory update - so upgrade your local and masternode wallets immediately if you haven't already.

New wallet release notwithstanding, there has been a lot of other developments within the project as well. Have a read to catch yourself up, and see if you can spot news about a surprise we have in store for the community!

Community Updates

  • Added a new exchange presence at Ubit.pw; Although there is no volume on the exchange yet, already about 2.5 masternodes' worth of ZOC has been traded on it - so don't sleep on the arbitrage opportunities that are starting to pop up for ZOC between Graviex, Ubit, Bisq and - later this month - CryptalDash
  • CryptalDash listing still on schedule to go live September 21
  • Launched our first Gleam campaign to promote our Twitter and Facebook accounts as well as 01VPS.net


Enter our gleam contest for a chance to win 500 ZOC!

  • Added a new masternode monitoring listing at NodeCheck.io (arguably the most feature-rich MN monitoring service available) thanks in no small part to the generous contributions of 01coin community member FreakHouse and NodeCheck's own iwalker - Thanks fellas!


NodeCheck.io offers your choice of light or dark themes

  • Added a new market monitoring listing at coincodex.com thanks to the initiative shown by 01coin Chain of Trust member, Keith
  • Discovered our Facebook and Twitter accounts had become unlinked, so Facebook had not been updated in a couple weeks; Caught Facebook up with the latest posts and will use Hootsuite going forward to crosspost on both platforms
  • Completed internal first draft of the Project Whitepaper; after a round of proofreading, the draft will be shared among the zocteam for feedback
  • Co-marketing effort alongside 01VPS.net, targeting the Gravium, VIOG, Scribe, and Oyster Platform communities
  • Continued to run the community content creation competition (4C) for "How to Register on Graviex and Start Trading ZOC" - NB: The prize for creating 'acceptable' YouTube content is one masternode
  • Provided some market-making support for the Bisq offer book; 01coin remains consistently in the Top 5 coins on Bisq in terms of open offers

Wallet and Core Development

  • Released 01coin v0.12.3.2, which brings the 01coin core up-to-date with the latest development included in both Bitcoin 0.16.2 and Dash

Please note this is a mandatory update, so please upgrade your wallets immediately if you have not already done so

  • Release occurred as planned and on schedule August 30, thanks to the cooperation of the exchanges, the pool admins and of course, the 01coin masternode network


The most community-centric splash screen in all of crypto

  • Outside of Bitcoin and Dash core changes that have been adopted, changes specific to the ZeroOne core include:
  • Removed alert system in favour of decentralization
  • Restyled wallet and implemented UX improvements
  • Added more and better seednodes
  • Increased the default maximum connections to 16
  • Improved high density display support
  • Changed the reward reduction pace to the intended once-per-year rate
  • Note the revised reward reduction pace also results in a reduction in max supply from 82M over 250 years to 66M over 216 years
  • Massive update to the Trello board to reflect tasks marked as "Done" or "Done in Prior Release"
  • Continued development attempts towards a build process for Raspberry Pi
  • Continued to operate the daily blockchain bootstrap cron job posted to public GitHub

Ancillary Services Development

  • Draft of full 01coin.io website based on Jesson's initial design nearing completion as lethax and Splendid are now collaborating on the finer details
  • Updated masternode setup script to support the new wallet
  • Updated max supply calculator to reflect reward reduction at every 210384 blocks instead of every 262800 blocks
  • Completed the network architecture and backend development for an exciting new service soon to be launched in support of 01coin; some frontend work completed in anticipation of a beta launch within the next 2 weeks (more details will be made available upon launch)

01VPS.net Updates

  • Added new one-click auto masternode setup recipes for Gravium and VIOG
  • Added a new server in Germany offering both Small and Extra Small VPS instances
  • Canadian and UK servers are currently full


Willkommen in Deutschland!

Thus concludes another biweekly instalment of the 01coin Project Update. If you have any questions or want to get involved, please come visit us on any of our social channels. Thanks for reading!

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