01coin Project Update - October 8, 2018

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We are pleased to bring you the next instalment of 01coin's Anthology of Activity - our biweekly project update. If you have any questions or wish to discuss anything you read here, please feel free to leave a comment below reach out to us on any of our social media channels  -- Discord, Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, Telegram, or Bitcointalk.

Community Updates

  • 01coin released our first video in our YouTube tutorial series! As part of our ongoing Community Content Creation Contest (4C), community member [Alt]oshi produced a video tutorial for How to Register on Graviex and Start Trading 01coin (ZOC). For his efforts, [Alt]oshi won three (3) 01coin masternodes and a pretty sweet 01coin keychain. If you are interested in producing some content for our channel in exchange for some masternodes, visit the #content-creation channel in our Discord server. Check out the Graviex video below and let us know what you think:


  • We have been in discussion with CryptalDash who have been very apologetic about the delayed integration of 01coin. However, their dev team is busy working to integrate 01coin soon and is currently in the midst of conducting tests using the 01coin testnet. No new date has been provided for when the ZOC/BTC market will go live there, but at least progress is being made.
  • Our gleam campaign concluded with a total of 79 entries. Unfortunately the draw winner failed to claim his prize of 500 ZOC and the mysterious Community Trophy, so a new winner will be drawn this week.
  • The pre-release draft of the 01coin Whitepaper has been completed and is currently under team review prior to publication. The latest draft is on our Trello board for anyone who wants to take a sneak peek.
  • Co-marketing effort alongside 01VPS.net, targeting the Lunarium, Nodium, Sparks Coin, SmartCash, BitCloud and Giant Coin communities.


The most community-centric keychain in all of crypto

Wallet and Core Development

  • 01coin wallet v0.12.3.3 was released. Download links here. Although not a mandatory upgrade, it is a critical bugfix release that fixes a masternode deadlock issue in the Dash code and a recently-discovered security vulnerability in the Bitcoin code. All node operators -- especially masternode owners, mining pools, explorer operators and exchanges -- are encouraged to upgrade.

Ancillary Services Development

  • Published the first draft of the new 01coin website to GitHub; still needs some tweaks and content before it can be deployed live to 01coin.io.
  • Created a zeroone.sh helper script to give masternode operators an easy-to-use menu-based tool to help them interface with the daemon's RPC commands for masternode management.
  • Added new static URLs that always link to the most recent blockchain bootstrap uploads.
  • Some revisions to the setup_zoc_mn.sh masternode setup script to improve the spelling and grammar of the printed text and add sentinel installation.
  • Applied for an additional third-party block explorer using Cryptocore, which features a handy mobile app integration.
  • Continued development and alpha testing of the upcoming masternode-related service.

01VPS.net Updates

  • Added new one-click auto masternode setup recipes for Lunarium, Nodium, Sparks Coin and SmartCash.
  • Recipes for 01coin, Global Token and FantasyGold updated to include new wallets and features.
  • Resolved issue with datacentre concerning the suspension of new leases of IPv4 addresses. The restriction has been lifted.
  • Reached a new milestone: 800 active services!
  • Note: 01VPS.net customer support will be diminished somewhat during the period from October 15 to November 3 due to personnel availability.
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