01coin Project Update - October 22, 2018

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Two of the zocteam members' partners had birthdays this week and one zocteam member is about to get married. So you'd think marketing and development might have slowed down a tad to make room for these life events, right? Well, as this instalment of 01coin's Anthology of Activity shows, that wasn't even close to being the case! Check out, in particular, the updates in the Ancillary Services Development section below.

Community Updates

  • ZOC has officially been integrated into CryptalDash! However, there remain some ongoing problems with ZOC deposits and withdrawals. So while the market is live and ready for trading, users are encouraged not to deposit ZOC to CryptalDash until further notice. We're working hard to resolve this issue as quickly as possible. Please stay tuned!
  • In other exchange-related news, we launched a faucet on Crex24 to help give ZOC a little more exposure on the exchange. So far, over 500 ZOC have been dripped to Crex24 users!
  • Hot on the heels of our first successful 4C, a new one is underway. This time the topic is How to Setup a ZOC Masternode Using 01VPS.net. Already we have two contest entries! If you want a chance to win up to three masternodes (with every entry guaranteed at least one masternode), check out the #content-creation channel on our Discord server.
  • Since the first draw winner for the 01coin gleam campaign failed to claim their top prize of 500 ZOC, a new draw was held and a winner was selected! Congratulations Oleg Jäger! If you have an idea for our next promotional campaign, let us know in the #suggestions channel in our Discord server.
  • 01coin's most recent listing partnership has seen our project get added to the fascinating new coin information social network, Cheddur, which features both desktop and mobile applications. Definitely worth checking out!
  • Co-marketing effort alongside 01VPS.net, targeting the BitCloud, Agouti, Absolute, French Digital Reserve, Bitcoin Incognito, Giant Coin, and SCRIV communities.

01coin now listed on the Cheddur app

Wallet and Core Development

  • It has now been three weeks since the release of 01coin version At this point we can confidently confirm the new, original code we wrote to address a flaw in the Dash code that was causing our masternodes to deadlock intermittently has been a resounding success.
  • The masternode network took a bit of a hit during the to to period throughout September and October. We are pleased to report, though, that it has been recovering nicely since the release of and is now almost all the way back to where it was in August, according to masternodes.online:

Number of "active" 01coin masternodes, according to MNO

  • Please also note when reviewing the graph above that the drastic drop that occurred on September 19 was a result of Sentinel coming online and many nodes slipping into SENTINEL_PING_EXPIRED mode. Those nodes continued to receive rewards (and still continue to receive rewards) despite being classified as "inactive" by MNO. Hence the graph is somewhat misleading. According to NodeCheck, there are an additional 223 nodes still currently in SENTINEL_PING_EXPIRED mode, so the real number of enabled masternodes on our network is 1380 as of this writing, which is approximately consistent with our peak level in August.

Current 01coin masternode statuses according to NodeCheck

Ancillary Services Development

Introducing 01MN.net

  • We've been hinting at this for a while, and now it has finally launched…


  • 01MN.net is now in open beta. It is a completely-integrated and completely-automated masternode hosting solution.
  • You have a choice of three services:
  1. Masternode hosting: You keep your collateral and retain control via your local wallet.
  2. Managed masternode hosting: You send the full collateral for a node, and 01MN.net takes care of the rest.
  3. Shared masternode hosting: You send part of the collateral for a node and share in the rewards among other participants.
  • During this initial open beta phase, the coins available for masternode hosting services are:
  • 01coin (ZOC)
  • Sparks Coin (SPK)
  • Dextro (DXO)
  • GossipCoin (GOSS)
  • We will be adding more coins soon, as well as opening a voting portal for you to choose coins you'd like to see added to the 01MN.net service. Stay tuned!
  • All beta users are encouraged to report bugs, provide suggestions and give feedback. Feel free to do so via any means available, but preferably via the #01mn-net channel on our Discord server.

Updated Masternode Setup Guide

  • For those who prefer to host their own masternode(s), good news - 01coin has updated its masternode guide, available here. The guide is now up-to-date with the latest 01coin release, and reviews all possible methods for installation and management, including:
  1. Automagic installation with 01VPS.net
  2. Semi-automated installation with (the recently overhauled) masternode setup script
  3. Manual do-everything-from-scratch installation (for advanced users)
  • Another important upgrade in our guide is it now has markdown companions available on GitHub, Medium and Steemit to better facilitate easy copying and pasting of CLI commands.

New CryptoCore Block Explorer

  • The zocteam has also brought another backup block explorer online at https://zoc.ccore.online/. The new CryptoCore explorer complements our official explorer and our other backup explorer by offering some advanced features such as masternode "luck" estimates, a summary of active mining pools and exchange integration with both Graviex and Crex24.
  • In addition, CryptoCore offers a website where users can monitor their wallet addresses and masternodes at https://monitor.ccore.online/.
  • 01coin now has three distinct block explorers, all built on completely different platforms, offering our users an abundance of choice.

Paper Wallet Generator

  • The zocteam has forked the easy-to-use and secure WalletGenerator.net Universal Client-Side Wallet Generator for use with 01coin. You can use an online version here to generate addresses and private keys, or - for an additional level of security - you can use the offline version here.

01VPS.net Updates

  • Added new one-click auto masternode setup recipes for BitCloud, Agouti, Absolute and French Digital Reserve.
  • Recipe for 01coin fixed after reports that the update process wasn't working properly.
  • Began some initial consultations among current and potential customers to determine the market potential for larger VPS packages.
  • Note: 01VPS.net customer support will be diminished somewhat until November 3 due to personnel availability. Please be patient!
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