01coin Project Update - November 5, 2018

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With the weather getting cooler (or warmer if your name is Evydder), sit back, grab yourself a warm cup of whatever you prefer warm cups of, and enjoy this November 5 edition of the 01coin Anthology of Activity, our biweekly update.

Community Updates

  • In our last biweekly update, we were pleased to announce that 01coin had been integrated into the CryptalDash exchange. However, at that time there were some issues with ZOC deposits and withdrawals. The zocteam helped CryptalDash resolve those issue, and deposits and withdrawals are now fully functional!
  • Although there is still no ZOC/BTC trading volume on CryptalDash, there is a lot of potential there, as CryptalDash enjoyed its all-time best 24h trading volume of over $7 Million USD a few days ago (usually it is in the $2M to $3M range). This compares to volumes in the $0.5M to $1.5M range for Crex24, and $100,000 to $200,000 USD for Graviex. The unintuitive UI at CryptalDash remains a stumbling block, but they are making progress in improving that (example below). The zocteam encourages you to try it out.

Steady improvements are being made in CryptalDash usability

  • CryptalDash also has fairly exacting KYC/AML requirements. We anticipate that all centralized exchanges will likely be required to implement KYC/AML eventually- including Crex24 and Graviex. If you are a firm believer in decentralization and do not wish to participate in an exchange that is legislatively required to collect your identifying information, then don't forget about Bisq! Bisq is a truly distributed and decentralized peer-to-peer exchange that is not subject to the laws of any land and thus will never require your personal information.
  • Enough about exchanges already! We also released v0.2 of the 01coin Project Roadmap that describes in detail our planned goals for the rest of 2018 and Q1 2019.
  • Our second 4C is still underway, with the topic of How to Setup a ZOC Masternode Using 01VPS.net. Two contest entries have already been submitted - so don't delay and submit your entry to ensure the First 3 bonus! Check out the #content-creation channel on our Discord server for contest details including the prizes that are up for grabs.
  • Co-marketing effort alongside 01VPS.net, targeting the Absolute, Mogwai and Bitcoin Incognito communities.

Wallet and Core Development

  • We have started investigating a potential vulnerability with regard to block reward enforcement. Not much is known at this point, but the zocteam will share information with the community as it becomes available.

Ancillary Services Development

  • The open beta of 01MN.net has been progressing very well. A number of community members are actively participating in the beta program and providing valuable feedback to help 01MN.net's lead developer within the zocteam (Evydder) find and solve bugs. Special thanks to community members jdoerrerstl1977, Scaramanga73, canodirt, Eyeguy97, dsa and others for their invaluable feedback thus far.
  • The next stage of the open beta program is to start integrating new coins. 01MN.net is ready to start taking suggestions for new coins to be added for masternode hosting! Please visit https://01mn.net/listcoin.php to vote for your coin. To begin, we will be selecting one winner a week on Friday at 7PM GMT+10 AEST.

Vote for coins to be added to 01MN.net

  • The official explorer at https://explorer.01coin.io/ was knocked out of sync this past week. Upon further investigation, we noticed we had not cleaned out all the old binaries when we upgraded it to v0.12.3.3 and had mistakenly used a leftover v0.12.3.2 binary to launch it. The explorer is now running the most up-to-date version of 01coin, and it has been reindexed.

01VPS.net Updates

  • Added new one-click auto masternode setup recipes for Mogwai and Bitcoin Incognito.
  • Implemented a solution to a problem affecting communication between the web server and the wallet server that was preventing invoice payments. New invoices and payments are unaffected by that bug. However, all invoices and payments from before the fix require manual verification.
  • Important Reminder: Each invoice generates a new ZOC payment address for you. Always send payment to the address on your invoice. Never send payment to an old or previously-used address.
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