01coin Project Update - November 19, 2018

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The big news today, as you may have seen already, is the new wallet release. 01coin v0.12.3.4 is a mandatory upgrade for all node operators. Users have until block 159551 (about 5 days from now) to upgrade, otherwise the scheduled Spork will deliberately knock your node off the network.

For everything else 01coin-related over the past two weeks, have a gander at our biweekly update below…

Community Updates

  • We have closed our second 4C competition, with two submissions now up for voting among the Chain of Trust to determine which one will be chosen for our official YouTube channel. Stay tuned for future 4C competitions and your chance to win some 01coin masternodes. They're all the rage!
  • 01coin was added to the Beam platform. Register the 01coin masternodes you already have for a chance to earn loyalty rewards on Beam! It's like getting bonus points for doing everything you'd already be doing anyway.
  • Co-marketing effort alongside 01VPS.net and 01MN.net, targeting the Scriv and Zealium communities.
  • Welcomed community member [Alt]oshi to the zocteam as community moderator.

Wallet and Core Development

  • Two weeks ago, we identified a vulnerability in 01coin block reward enforcement. Through regular monitoring of our blockchain (which we do on an ongoing basis) we found a solo miner who had setup their stratum in such a way so as to deny masternodes their share of the block rewards.
  • To ensure that all future block rewards will be shared equally between miners and masternodes as intended, we had to revise the enforcement of Spork 8 in our source code, which will take effect as of block 159551 about five days from now. This has necessitated a whole new mandatory wallet release for 01coin: v0.12.3.4.
  • To get the new wallet, download the version for your system from here. Those using 01VPS.net need only click again on the 01coin recipe, 01MN.net will be updated without any action required, and those using other providers can update their masternodes with this simple script:

curl -L https://git.io/fxU5s | bash

  • Outside of issues associated with the current wallet release, the zocteam also started brainstorming ideas for potentially reducing the resource intensity of 01coin masternodes.

Ancillary Services Development

  • The 01MN.net beta test continues to progress well. Using the new coin listing mechanism at https://01mn.net/listcoin.php, beta testers have selected DigiWage and Zealium to be added to the platform. We couldn't be more delighted with these selections as both are projects with which we share a close camaraderie, plus both are projects that already have one-click masternode setup recipes on 01VPS.net, thus creating some nice continuity within the ZOC economy.

  • As of yesterday, 01MN.net had 102 registered beta testers, was hosting 99 full masternodes, as well as 29 shared masternodes.
  • The Market Enhancement Feature workspace for Graviex was added to our GitHub and has been running on-and-off. As it interacts with the Graviex API, it has identified some errors in its functionality. Zocteam personnel continue to work with Graviex team members to help them solve their API issues.
  • The paper wallet generator was updated to include a direct link for 01coin.
  • Added a testnet version of zoc_mn_queue.sh (i.e., tzoc_mn_queue.sh) to the zoc-tools repo for showing the reward selection queue for all network-enabled masternodes.
  • Continued to run the nightly bootstrap autoupdate for both mainnet and testnet, and updated the bootstrap node to v0.12.3.4.
  • Updated the testnet explorer to v0.12.3.4.

01VPS.net Updates

  • Added new one-click auto masternode setup recipes for Scriv and Noir.
  • Masternode recipe for FantasyGoldCoin (FGC) has been updated to version 1.2.7 and now also includes the post-fork bootstrap. Masternode recipe for 01coin (ZOC) has been updated to version
  • Fixed an issue which caused the billing system (WHMCS) to default back to its standard offline credit card payment module.
  • Migrated the web server from what has become an increasing unreliable hosted solution to a new server. DNS records should be repopulated by now, but if you go to 01VPS.net and see an error message that the site is down for maintenance, then you just need to wait a little longer for your ISP to refresh their DNS cache.
  • Added two new servers -- one in Finland and one in France -- to facilitate greater availability of Extra Small and Small VPS instances, as well as introduce a new class of beefier Medium instances. Note that new instances on the Finland server are temporarily disabled as there is a problem with some of the IPv4 addresses failing to point at it properly. This issue is currently under investigation.
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