01coin Project Update - December 3, 2018

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Welcome one and all to 01coin's Anthology of Activity; our biweekly project update! In this digest, we'll review all the community- and development-related progress in the project over the past two weeks.

Highlights include a Twitter giveaway hosted by @BlueDemise, new billing rates at 01VPS.net with discounts for longer-term prepayments, and the zocteam eclipsing 15000 commits on GitHub since taking over the project in April!

Community Updates

  • Following a vote conducted by the 01coin Chain of Trust, I am pleased to announce that [Alt]oshi's 4C submission for How to Setup a ZOC Masternode Using 01VPS.net was chosen for the official 01coin YouTube channel. I'll be putting the finishing touches on that this week, so watch for it on our YouTube channel. Don't forget to subscribe!
  • Also -- keep your eye on the content-creation channel in our Discord server, as the next 4C competition will begin once the video has been posted. In case you don't already know, 4C stands for "Community Content Creation Contest." Community members are given a topic, and are invited to submit a video. All submissions (of a minimum acceptable quality) automatically earn a 01coin masternode; the first three submissions on any topic automatically earn a second masternode; and the submission chosen to represent 01coin on our YouTube channel wins a bonus masternode. It's a quick, easy and fun way to contribute to the project and potentially earn a lot of coins doing it.
  • Bitfineon is hosting a Christmas Free-Listing Promo, and 01coin has tossed its hat into the ring. You might recall 01coin finished a close second to StakeNet in the first Bitfineon community coin listing vote. Bitfineon community votes are conducted using the Alqo governance system in their Liberio online wallet, so ZOC supporters start accumulating some XLQ!
  • Twitter user @BlueDemise is generously hosting a ZOC giveaway in which he is offering 3 ZOC masternodes (out of his own personal stash) for 3 lucky winners. See below for how to participate:


  • The zocteam sent 30000 of our personal ZOC coins to CryptalDash as part of their airdrop promotion and to help stimulate some trade volume on the CryptalDash ZOC-BTC market. You can see the transaction details here.
  • Co-marketing effort alongside 01VPS.net and 01MN.net, targeting the Noir, Castle and Octopus communities

Wallet and Core Development

  • The 01coin v0.12.3.4 wallet was released two weeks ago, as I'm sure you already know. It is a mandatory update, so please update as soon as possible if you have not already.
  • The initial v0.12.3.4 release did not include a Windows x86 binary, so this has been added to the releases page on GitHub.
  • Work has begun on a potential new binary release for 01coin for cold masternode use only. The goal is to create a lightweight wallet to reduce the resource consumption requirements for zocnode hosts.
  • Much of the underlying source code documentation for 01coin continued to contain references to our fork source, Dash. These have been updated to be specific to 01coin. This was an important step towards fully customizing our own code.
  • In "zocifying" our code documentation, we eclipsed the 15000 commit threshold since the community takeover began in April. You read that right: more than 15000 GitHub commits in just seven months.

The zocteam is highly committed

  • A small chainsplit occurred on December 2. The network healed itself, but some masternodes were knocked offline and put into NEW_START_REQUIRED status as a result. The zocteam is investigating the cause of this.

Ancillary Services Development

  • The ongoing 01MN.net beta test hit its first major snag last week. First, the webhost provider went offline, and then there were some problems with migrating the frontend to a new server. All told, the service was down for a few days.
  • Managed and shared masternodes have all been restarted, but please note that if you have a hosted node at 01MN.net, you will have to do "Start Alias" from your local control wallet again.
  • Updated the zeroone.sh masternode helper tool to include an assumevalid checkpoint at blockheight 162999.
  • Updated the 01coin Masternode Setup Guide for v0.12.3.4.
  • Started work on a tool to create mempool statistics for 01coin similar to this tool for Bitcoin.

01VPS.net Updates

  • Hosted a Black Friday and Cyber Monday promo offering 25% your first payment at 01VPS.net.
  • Added new one-click auto masternode setup recipes for Castle and Octopus.
  • Added lots of new IPv4 addresses for the France and Finland servers.
  • Changed billing policy to offer discounted rates for prepaying in advance. This is an important development in helping to better plan the expansion of the 01VPS.net service for longer-term sustainability. For example, Extra Small servers now cost the equivalent of €1.50 when paying month-to-month or €1.00 when paying 12 months at a time. To change your existing month-to-month billing cycle to a longer prepayment term, send in a support ticket.

Use the 01VPS.net support ticket system to revise your billing terms

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