01coin Project Update - December 17, 2018

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With the holidays rapidly approach - have you finished your shopping yet? - grab yourself an eggnog, put on some comfy socks, kick your fit up next to the fireplace, and enjoy this week's 01coin Project Update!

Community Updates

  • Work is almost complete on the next 01coin YouTube video tutorial, How to Setup a ZOC Masternode Using 01VPS.net. Once it is posted in the coming days, a new 4C ( "Community Content Creation Contest") will begin. The topic for that will be How to Mine 01coin Using Nvidia and AMD Video Cards. If you want a chance to win some 01coin masternodes, start thinking about your submission now.
  • 01coin was added to the nascent Alphacoin tracking system. It only supports a small handful of coins so far, but please feel free to check it out if you're interested by clicking here.
  • 01coin's listing on masternodes.online was recently updated to include nodes that are in SENTINEL_PING_EXPIRED status in the reward calculations. This was an important change, as those nodes do, in fact, continue to receive rewards on the 01coin network. As a result, MNO estimates for metrics such as ROI and time between rewards should be more accurate now. Big thanks to CryptoSandwich and his team at MNO for being proactive on this! You can follow the Twitter thread that led to this change here:


  • We will be opening a new community debate in the coming days to discuss the pros and cons of allowing 01coin masternodes to connect to the network via an IPv6 address. Currently, the wallet only supports IPv6 for non-MN nodes. The debate will take place in our Discord server.
  • Some users have recently been reporting problems with ZOC deposits and withdrawals at CryptalDash. We recommend holding off on sending coins to CryptalDash until they can get to the bottom of it. We will update the community as more information becomes available.
  • In other exchange-related news, please note that Crex24 will be down for maintenance tomorrow, December 18, from 07:30 to 08:30 UTC.
  • Two long-time 01coin mining pools - hash4.life and mpos-pools.com - have shut down their ZOC stratum servers. If you have used those pools in the past, you should delete your .bat files to avoid mistakenly mining to them in the future.
  • Our friends at the Xuez project are running an informal market research study among masternode owners regarding VPS usage. If you'd like to participate in the study, here's the link to the survey.
  • There is someone posing as 01coin on Bitcointalk in an attempt to distribute infected binaries. The user has been reported to abuse at both Bitcointalk and GitHub. Please help the community be vigilant and warn others against downloading the viruses! The scam post can be found here. Remember - do not click on the wallet links!
  • Co-marketing effort alongside 01MN.net, targeting the Advanced Technology Coin community.

Wallet and Core Development

  • Noteworthy progress is being made on developing a new binary release for 01coin specifically geared towards cold-node masternode operation. The goal is to reduce the system resource requirements of 01coin. Results from testing reveal that we have managed to achieve up to a 25% RAM reduction so far. We will continue to work to reduce the resource requirements prior to release, but obviously the reduction already achieved is a meaningful one that will be helpful for masternode owners.
  • Test versions of the new mini MN binary are being posted here in case you're curious. Usage of them is definitely not recommended until further testing can be completed, though.
  • ZOC Sentinel has been overhauled. Outside of the unit tests, it is now fully-customized for 01coin including both code and documentation.
  • The successful daily blockchain bootstrap program continues. As the ZOC blockchain continuously grows, this feature will continue to grow in helpfulness and importance. See here for more information.

Ancillary Services Development

  • Up-to-date beta test stats from 01MN.net:

    • Total no. of coins supported: 8
    • Total no. of registered beta testers: 133
    • Total no. of hosted masternodes: 156
    • Total no. of managed masternodes: 76
  • All beta testers at 01MN.net received a seven-day billing extension as a result of the five-day outage earlier in the month. Thank you for continuing to be a beta tester and helping us to develop this product!

  • Fixed some backend issues on 01MN.net that would cause the system to hang due to how it was passing information between the database server and the wallet server.

  • Fixed a server communication issue that was preventing withdrawals from being processed automatically. Several backlogged withdrawal requests were processed by hand.

  • Customized an RPC addon to facilitate a listing for Advanced Technology Coin (ARC). They altered the named of a masternode to "goldmine" in their code such that regular RPC calls were rendered useless.

  • Updated wallets for Advanced Technology Coin (ARC) and Dextro (DXO).

  • Began implementation of a support ticket system for 01MN.net based on FreshDesk.

  • Began work to integrate a coin listing vote system for when 01MN.net goes full-launch that will operate similarly to 01VPS.net's system for adding auto masternode recipes.

  • Began work to create an admin dashboard so that other zocteam members can help provide customer support and not have to always rely only on Evydder.

  • Added beta disclaimer to the 01MN.net login page.

  • Friendly reminder to all 01MN.net beta testers: Please do not mine directly to your 01MN.net address. Eventually, a minimum deposit threshold will be implemented and all mining proceeds that do not meet this threshold will be forfeited. This change will not be made any time soon, though, so we rely on your courtesy in the meantime.

  • Fixed an issue with the 01coin Discord bot that was producing incorrect results when doing the !rewards command for estimated masternode rewards:

To infinity and beyond!

01VPS.net Updates

  • 01VPS.net has always been an "affiliated service" for 01coin. That is to say, it was wholly owned and operated by MadStu independent of the zocteam.
  • Recent events have us looking at potentially changing that and bringing 01VPS.net into the project under full administration of the zocteam. We are in very early stages of discussion/negotiation, so there's not much to say at this point.
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