01coin Project Update - January 1, 2019

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And… cut! That's a wrap on 2018! With 2018 now in the history books, let's take a look at what has been going on within the 01coin project in our biweekly Project Update. I know this update comes a day late, but not a penny short. Read on to find out what's been going on in zocland these past couple weeks.

Community Updates

  • The zocteam executive held a conference call on December 27 to discuss many important project-related topics. Chief among those topics was the integration of 01VPS.net into the project. The meeting was attended by OwenRay, cmelx, Evydder and deadthings, and the meeting minutes can be found here. More information about what we decided with regard to 01VPS.net appears in its section of this Project Update below.
  • We recently completed a community debate to discuss the pros and cons of allowing 01coin masternodes to connect to the network via an IPv6 address. It wasn't much of a debate as it turns out, as the community was in unanimous agreement that ZOC masternodes should be made to be IPv6-compatible. As a result, making this change has been added to the zocteam's to-do list on Trello.
  • The deposit and withdrawal trouble that some ZOC users were experiencing on CryptalDash has been resolved. Please feel free to resume use of that exchange with confidence.
  • Did some cutesy-tootsy playing around with the Discord server icon to celebrate Christmas and New Year's.


Happy holidays from the 01coin community

  • One final note: deadthings will be away on a family vacation to Mexico January 7 to 17, so the next project update will be delayed one week, appearing on January 21 instead.

Wallet and Core Development

  • The zocteam is developing a new precompiled binary for use with cold node MNs. The goal is to strip it of its unnecessary functions in order to reduce its system resource requirements. In removing its transactional components, the cold node mini-binary is no longer capable of participating in InstantSend or PrivateSend transactions on the network, but it is still able to participate in network consensus. Our testing has shown the wallet is using 15% to 25% less RAM than the standard binary. So far, testing has been successful and if our tests conclude without any problems, you can expect it to be released in about a week.
  • It is probably safe to start using the mini-MN binary now if you want to get a head-start. You can find it here. Still, please remember that this is pre-release software, which means there's a higher likelihood of something going wrong. Use it at your own risk.

Ancillary Services Development

  • It is time for 01MN.net to be given its own section in these Project Updates. So scroll down to find your 01MN.net updates. The Ancillary Services Development section will remain focused on all other non-core project development.
  • Website development is nearing completion and the new 01coin website should be going live soon. The implementation of a knowledge base section of the website is the final outstanding action item before it can be launched at 01coin.io.
  • The zocteam will begin using keybase.io for secure team communications and file sharing as and when the need arises.

01VPS.net Updates

  • This is the major update for this period. MadStu, a member of the zocteam executive, has decided to take a step back from running 01VPS.net, a business which he had built himself and remained the sole owner and operator of since launching it in June 2018.
  • Instead of closing its doors, though, MadStu offered the keys to the kingdom to the zocteam if we wished to take up the 01VPS.net mantle and continue operating it.
  • After a brief getting-to-know-you period with all the various pieces of software and server architecture that comprise 01VPS.net, the zocteam decided during our conference call on December 27 that we will indeed continue operating 01VPS.net.
  • After months of returning a modest profit, though, 01VPS.net has slipped into deficit territory over the past month. The zocteam is also aware that many of the VPS instances in the system are not currently providing a quality user experience in terms of performance and available resources.
  • As such, there will be some changes coming soon. The goal of these changes will be to a) improve the overall performance of 01VPS.net nodes across the whole system, and b) ensure a more sustainable and longer-term profitability trajectory for the system.
  • Much remains unknown at this point. We don't know what form those changes will take; we don't know the structure of the business entity that will have to be created for 01VPS.net; we don't know if MadStu will still wish to be involved in it as we all very much hope he does. As progress is made on these points, we will continue to communicate them to the community openly and transparently. And - when appropriate - we will endeavour to include the community in decision-making processes as they arise.

01MN.net Updates

  • There was a bottleneck in the masternode payment processor in the 01MN.net backend that resulted in a backlog of unsent transactions, which has now been fixed.
  • The secure redirect on 01MN.net stopped working, leaving it only accessible via the insecure http protocol, but that has been fixed too.
  • 01MN.net remains a one-man show 100% owned and operated by Evydder. But as a result of our December 27 conference call, the zocteam has asked Evydder to build an admin portal for the service so that we can also provide some basic-level customer service for 01MN.net beta testers. Building the admin portal will be Evydder's primary focus for the next little while.
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