01coin Project Update - February 25, 2019

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It has admittedly been a quiet couple of weeks in terms of community updates, as most of the work the zocteam has been doing lately has been on development. But the important news the community should be aware of is as follows:

Community Updates

  • 01MN.net is reverting itself from open beta back into development. This is so Evydder can rebuild the backend from the ground up, as the current build has proven to be unstable in beta testing. Important: All beta testers should withdraw any coins they had deposited on the platform by February 28.
  • The transition of 01VPS.net is in full swing now, as we upgrade the entire hardware and software architecture. The France and Poland servers have already been migrated. The Germany and UK servers will be migrated on March 1, while the Canada server will be migrated likely around March 15, date TBD. Important: Users with VPS containers on servers undergoing migration will have to restart any programs, services or masternodes they had running.
  • New VPS packages are finally available on the France server. More to come shortly.

Wallet and Core Development

  • One of the zocteam's current priorities is enabling IPv6 functionality for 01coin masternodes. We have just compiled three different alpha-level builds that are about to start undergoing testing on the ZOC testnet.
  • Best-case scenario: at least one of these builds successfully enables IPv6 functionality. Then it goes into code review and cleaning. Then a release candidate is proposed and undergoes further testing. Public release available in 2 to 4 weeks. That's the best-case scenario. The more likely scenario is farther out.
  • Over the next little while, we will have two distinct teams working on core development: cmelx, Evydder and deadthings will be focused on enabling IPv6 and in releasing the mini-binary for cold nodes; meanwhile, OwenRay will be focused on the Dash 13 merge.
  • Mini-binary development for cold nodes has been temporarily de-prioritized.

Ancillary Services Development

  • Website development has also been put on the back-burner over the past two weeks as the zocteam has prioritized issues related to core and 01VPS.net development. It is hoped that the website will be ready for launch before the end of Q1, albeit without a populated Knowledge Base module at first.
  • The testnet mining pool is being updated with the new alpha builds to test for IPv6 functionality.

01VPS.net Updates

  • The 01VPS.net France server was successfully migrated to a newer, faster server with SSD disk caching on February 19. Users have since reported vastly improved VPS performance.
  • The Poland server was also upgraded on February 23. Here is the upgrade schedule for the remaining servers:
  • Germany: March 1
  • UK: March 1
  • Canada: March 15-ish (TBD)
  • That's for the larger of our two German servers. The smaller of the two will, in fact, be closing on March 25. Affected users will receive an email with instructions for how to proceed with that this week.
  • New VPS packages are finally available on our France server. Poland will be getting the new packages sometime this week too. These new packages include better overall performance specs across the board and IPv6 functionality, offering the potential for multiple IP addresses in a single VPS for the first time in 01VPS.net history.

01VPS.net now offers a broader selection of higher-performing VPS instances

  • A custom hosting server has been built to host all the binaries and sentinel packages for each of the coins supported by 01VPS.net recipes as well as keeping each blockchain up-to-date for more rapid deployment. This server also hosts the Berkeley-4.8 packages needed for running a masternode. The reason for building this system is because GitHub and Launchpad are not directly accessible via IPv6, so an IPv6-only node would not be able to download any of the files required to host a masternode. 01VPS.net's custom solution solves that problem until which time GitHub and Launchpad begin to support IPv6 connectivity.
  • Recipes are in the process of being rewritten to refer to the new hosts.

01MN.net Updates

  • Evydder has made the difficult decision to take 01MN.net out of open beta, effectively ending public access to the masternode hosting platform.
  • This decision was made so that Evydder could rebuild the backend in an effort to provide a more stable and reliable platform.
  • All beta testers are required to withdraw any coins they may have deposited onto the 01MN.net platform by February 28, otherwise they may be lost.
  • As of the next biweekly update, scheduled for March 11, the section 01MN.net Updates will be removed.
Last updated on 16th Jan 2021